The Eze-Panels

takes it's inspiration from the vintage appeal of historic log structures and features oak timber pegs at post to panel connections and a classic chink-line detail.

Choose from flattened log walls and round log walls - or a combination of both; Choice of timber surface aesthetics (flat- tened wall) including circle-sawn, planed or adzed. Round log wall features a draw- knife aesthetic. Choice of contrasting or colour matched chinking - with the options of pre-staining and pre-chinking at our production partners in Merritt BC, Canada and Wisconsin, USA.

Robot Assisted Log Building offers all of the charm, character and environmental benefits as homes built using our traditional log joinery techniques - and more.

Our Robot-Assisted Procedure meets and exceeds the finest tolerances attainable in the hand-crafted tradition of log home con- struction.

Patented Scanning Technology (Ballmer Systems Inc) allows us to fabricate our posts and panels while maintaining the natural shape and character of our logs.

Piece-en-Piece log joinery offers great design flexibility - and with the finishing costs savings made possible by our non-settling Eze-Panels, those design possibilities can expand to include specifications (such as solid glazed walls) which can be installed in a fraction of the time and without the expertise required when finishing a settling log home.

The Differences

Action Traditional Pep System
  • Very labour intensive to achieve the quality levels and fine tolerances required by quality producing handcrafters.
  • Requires long logs - increasinlgy difficult to source and expensive.
Easy to achieve the quality levels that our craftsmen demand and to exceed the fine tolerances of a well crafted log home. Uses primarily short logs.
  • Limited design flexiblity such as multiple elevations and many corners, due to right angle limitations and log extensions. (Corners also drive costs).
  • More challenging to bring in natural light (not conducive to windows near corners and corner windows).
  • Limited potential for diverse aesthetics.
  • Log extensions vulnerable to weather and constrain deck design and flow with out-door living areas.

Pre-Built panels are extremely adaptable to creative design, Angles, corners, unre- stricted glazing and multiple elevations; - all become possible with the Eze-Panels.


Traditional Log Homes will settle from 5" and up to 10" depending on the moisture content of the logs, the log species and the roof load of the finished structure.

The Eze-Panels is a non-settling system which allows your contractor to finish your home without the expertise and/or learning curve required to successfully finish a scribed or settling log structure.

Finishing 20% of finishing costs in a traditionally built log home are associated with settling.
  • Doors and windows
  • Interior walls
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Screw-jacks
Simpler Faster Easier.
  • Re-staining as neccessary.
  • Screw Jack adjustments.
  • Caulk or chink if/where necessary.
  • Adust trim-boards over doors and windows and interior walls once building has settled.
Re-Staining as neccessary. Minimal chink-line touch ups if/where necessary.
Final Product A Beautiful, well crafted structure featuring large diameter natural logs with all of the character, beauty and appeal of a well built hand-crafted log home. A Beautiful, well crafted structure featuring large diameter natural logs with all of the character, beauty and appeal of a well built hand-crafted log home.

The Benefits